Impossible Is A Lie

Impossible Is A Lie


Mark 9:23 “All things are possible to him who believes!”

The enemy is an expert of making people not fulfill their potential. It is a tragedy to be given gifts by God, and the world never experiences them because of fear and you take them with you to the grave.

The devil always uses the word impossible to create fear in your heart so that you do not use the gifts God has given you. Many times what you think is impossible is a lie. You are too gifted to submit to the impossible you have to believe God and overcome it.

3 Keys to overcome with the impossible

  1. Doubt the impossible only believe the word of God. What God said to you in His word will come to pass
  2. Doubt the impossible only believe in your gift. the gift God has given you, will open doors for you.
  3. Doubt the impossible only believe in your future. In your darkest hours, only focus on your bright future.


God bless you,


Pastor Israel


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