Why Not Now?


Psalm 118:25

Save NOW, I beseech thee, O LORD: O LORD, I beseech thee, send NOW prosperity.

Everyone in the earth has a dream or goal or some type of a hope or objective that they are reaching for in life. For us in the 21st century church we call it a vision. Vision is simply your concept or idea of your future. It is your subjective desired end state of your life. It is the, what you want to be in the future or the what is the picture of your future.

Due to the fact that vision is about the future, many of us get caught up in the mistake of leaving it to time and chance for it to happen. We lack the element of being deliberate about making vision come to pass. God expects us to be aggressive in taking the necessary steps to see our dreams come to pass. It’s a divine partnership. He will do His part, but He will not do our part.

The question I want to ask you today is, why not now? If you could have your vision come to pass 10 years from now or today, which would you prefer? I am sure you want it to happen right now. Today I want to challenge you to put pressure on the heavens and yourself to make your dream happen right now. I want to challenge you, to shift your mind from postponing your destiny to the future and start believing for it to happen right now.

3 keys to make it happen right now

  1. Decide. Decide right now that you want to see your vision come to pass right now. Not next year, not 10 years from now but it must start happening right now. Your decision to see it happen right now will actually accelerate its manifestation.
  2. Declare. Every prophetic declaration you make in this season must be about the aspects of your vision you want to see happen right now. The tenses you pray in become the key. Declare in present tenses like “I am rich” as opposed to future tense, “I will be rich.”
  3. Dominate. On this level, aggressive action must become  the order of the day. You are not called to simply  chase your dreams, you are called to dominate them. It takes aggressive action to do that. Refuse to postpone your dreams. Make them happen now!

Break Envy Based Motivation


Ecclesiastes 4:4 Then I observed that most people are motivated to success because they envy their neighbors. But this, too, is meaningless–like chasing the wind.

Social media has created a space in which we all have filtered windows into each others lives. I have to stress the fact that the windows are filtered because, everyone  projects their best  features and conceals their worst. We see each others HIGH-lights while we conceal our LOW-lights.

Many people now have an underlying fear of being left behind by their social media peers, in terms of highlights so many people over compensate and over exaggerate their progress. Envy is now driving people to project progress while they are stagnant or worse regressing. As a child of God, envy must not be your motivation. Faith must be the only fuel that drives you. Here are five ways to break envy based motivation.

  1. Focus on your purpose

You are created by God for a reason. Make that reason your sole focus everyday. There is nothing more liberating than making your everyday, a purpose pursuit day. Anything that is not getting you closer to your purpose, must be ignored.

2. Focus on your gifts

We have all been given gifts by God. We have a daily duty to work on mastering our craft. God expects us to put the work in, to get better in our gifts. Everyday must be used to improve ourselves.

3. Focus on your joy

A key question you must answer for a happier life is “What brings me joy?” What activities bring you to a place of joy everyday? What are your joy activators? For some it’s reading a book, others its jogging, cooking, writing, or conversing with a friend over coffee. Make sure you identify your joy activators and focus on them.

4. Focus on your inner circle 

Everyone has an inner circle of close friends and family who they love and trust. Everyone needs an inner circle to share ideas, hopes and struggles with. Your inner circle must also be given to prayer. When you are down you need them to pray with you and encourage you.

5. Focus on your prayer-life

There is no substitute in the world for prayer. Prayer is a source of power and strength you cannot live without. When you walk in prayer-lessness, you enter a world of weakness. Prayer gives us inner strength to deal with whatever challenges come. Be strong in the Lord and Pray everyday!



God bless you!


Pastor Israel Phiri

5 Mistakes To Avoid 2017



1. Being Prayer-less

In 2017, nothing in the earth is going to move until you move something in the heavens. This is a year where the prayer-less shall run out of steam early and the prayerful shall flourish. The enemy s going to be working night and day to kill any prayer momentum you develop. Guard your personal prayer time jealously.

2. Being low on the word

The biggest threat to the church in the 21st century is believers who do not develop the discipline of studying the word privately. With all the bizarre practices in the name of prophecy and miracles, we have seen occur in the church, we can only conclude that people are not reading the bible for themselves. In 2017 read the word without ceasing! May your time in the word be greater than your time on Facebook.

3. Having unwritten goals

The prophet Habakuk told us to write the vision and make it plain. One master-key for success is, to write down your goals. But do not just write them and out them away, write them and read them everyday. Writing is just the first part meditating on them is the next part. Write your goals and meditate on them on too.

4. Being over-excited in January

I love January, because there is an energy which comes upon us all to get up again and try to achieve greatness. But the problem is our January excitement doesn’t seem to extend t0 the other 11 months. In January gyms are full, but by the end of January they are back to empty. After the excitement of saying Happy New Year, you have to transition to daily discipline.

5. Inconsistent church attendance

Everything you are working on and believing God for is going to need a place of consistent replenishment and renewal. In 2017 you need to have a safe place, where you can go and receive spiritual power to keep going for your dreams and goals. You cannot achieve a great 2017 in a vacuum. Church is the place where you shall find, strength, direction and inspiration when the going gets tough.

I pray that God blesses your 2017 and that you achieve all that you set out to achieve!


Pastor Israel

How To Avoid Facebook/Twitter Fights




An arrogant man stirs up strife, But he who trusts in the LORD will prosper.

The internet is an invention, that has changed the world. If you  choose to ignore it, you’re going to miss out on a great opportunity to reach  more people.  Social Media, another invention within the internet, has changed the world even more. We as the church have to harness it, for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

One of the key things  I have observed, in the Social Media age is, people are hypersensitive, and can get easily worked up  over small things. Conversely there are a lot of people, this platform to hurl insults and negativity at you, and  as a believer, you need to always take the high road,  or you will find yourself in an unnecessary fights  with people in the cyberspace.

This is a guide on how to avoid Facebook / twitter fights

1.Do not crave internet validation.  There are people who look for a sense of personal value from Social Media. The “LIKES” and the “SHARES” give them a sense of self-esteem.  “If people do not like my selfie, I don’t feel good about myself.” If that is you simply exit that mindset.

2.Do not respond to people you do not know in real life.  Draw the line between cyber-friends and real life friends. If you don’t know them in real life, do not waste your energy battling with them.  Their context of what you posted is very limited because they do not know you personally.

3.If you have to explain your position more than once, its not worth it.  I’ve seen people go back and forth in the comments section, arguing with someone who has misunderstood them. That is a chasing of the wind. If they don’t get you on one explanation, more lengthy explaining will not remedy that.

4.Understand you are not omniscient.  Your  personal views are not holy scriptures.  You are human. You are not infallible.  Do not be too defensive when it comes to what you post, sometimes you do  get things wrong.

5.Understand that, there are people who do not see the world, the same way you do.  Why are there people who vote for the political party you don’t like? Why are there people, who will support a different sports team from you? Simply because people, see the world differently from you, and guess what? It is fine.

6.Understand that people have the right to state a view that is different from yours. It is a public platform, and people have the right to state different views. As long as it doesn’t amount to hate speech nor to insulting you, you have got to be able to absorb a different view without taking it personal.

7.Insults must be rewarded with a swift block or unfriend.  There are some psychopaths, who do not know how to disagree intelligently. Instead of stating their opposing argument, they will throw insults at you. Some insults will include racist statements and “F” language. The block and unfriend button were created for such. man-shouting-at-computer

8. The bigger you get the less you must read the comments section.  The more your social media following grows,  the less you must read your comments section.  There are people who are building a career called “trolling”,  they find joy in attacking anything and everything you post for no reason at all. Their main joy is getting a reaction from you, ignore them.

9.Going back and forth with a stranger who has nothing to lose always makes you lose.  Do not fight any battle without a reward.  Facebook and twitter battles have never paid anyone’s bills.

10.Just chill. Don’t clap back.  Here is the most powerful reply you can give to someone who is antagonising you on social media… “                     “.  Silence is a weapon which no man can counter.



God Bless You!