Book Review: Think by Bishop Tudor Bismark (Podcast #83)

Book review: Think.001


“How do we go back to thinking the way God intended?” What will it take for our thought patterns to be in tune with God’s? The answer is that it will take a transformed mind. It will take an understanding that we cannot afford to continue living passively, allowing the environment to shape who we are. It will require us to recognize the power that lies within us that enables us to reconstruct the environment and bring the change that we desire to see according to God’s will. Change, however, can only come when we control what is in our hearts, for truly “as a man thinks, so is he…” THINK is “the idea” around belief, applied faith, concepts, innovation, creativity, strategy and long-term planning. Think is written to convey systematic methods of order and of strategic thinking, with the attempt to provoke the reader to develop a culture of deep nonconventional thoughts that are results and performance oriented and focused. “As a person thinks, so is he.” So we are pushing behavioral changes that will ultimately bring about a different culture that promotes success, prosperity, health, security and wholeness. In THINK, Bishop Tudor Bismark explores the human mind, and how our thought patterns, behaviors and cultures are products of years mental conditioning. He also tackles the New Normal that every one of us has been conformed to exist under, and how we can be set free by the Transforming of our minds.

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