Think Big

Think Big


The interesting thing about success in our times is, many times we assume that there is a secret formula to success. We strongly believe that there is some hidden magical formula that can make me succeed but many times we already know what we need to be doing to succeed.

A major “secret” for success  which is no secret, is thinking BIG! It is a simple principle, that is why we neglect to be deliberate about thinking BIG and keep looking for other methods and ways to succeed. But simply thinking BIG elevates your life. In this season start thinking BIG.

3 Keys To Thinking Big

  1. Get books on thinking. Some of the best books you can buy are on the subject of thinking. Any book that deals with the subject of thinking is a must have book.
  2. Listen to sermons on thinking. We are so blessed to have technology which gives us access to many preachers. I recommend using Youtube and Apple Podcast to find teachings on thinking.
  3. Commit to a life of global travel. Travel changes your thinking. Every time I go to a different nation, I come back a better version of myself. I encourage you to invest in travel, it makes you better.


God Bless You


Pastor Israel Phiri