The Danger Of Spiritual Blindness

The Danger Of Spiritual Blindness



2 Kings 6:17 Then Elisha prayed, “O LORD, open his eyes and let him see!” The LORD opened the young man’s eyes, and when he looked up, he saw that the hillside around Elisha was filled with horses and chariots of fire.

As human beings we live in a world called the physical real which is a small part of a bigger world called the spirit realm. It is satan’s desire that you remain blinded to the fact and reality of the existence of the spirit realm. He knows that your life in the physical realm is changeable for the better, when you work to change it through  prayers to God in the spirit realm.

His plan is to keep you blinded from what is happening in the spirit realm by keeping you too busy to pray. Listen to me on this, success is deeply spiritual. There are many blessings and breakthroughs designated for your life, that are being held up in the spirit realm because you are too busy to enter the spirit and posses them through prayer. In this season I pray that God will open your spiritual eyes to see every blessing and opportunity he wants you to maximize in this season.

3 Things You Must Deliberately Seek When You Pray

  1. Revelation Of Opportunities: Right now, near you today, there are opportunities that are available to take your life to a higher level. The challenge is, opportunities are hidden. You must pray for God to open your eyes to see the opportunities for growth and success near you today.
  2. Specific Divine Instructions: If you study the bible closely you will see that on many occasions, our heroes of faith worn their battles through God giving them specific divine instructions. “Joshua walk around Jericho for 7 days” is an example. Your next breakthrough is in your next divine instruction from God.
  3. People To Connect with: God is not in the business of working through lone rangers. He wants us to connect and network with people to build something greater than ourselves. In this season God is going to show you strategic people to connect with for your next level.

God bless you

Pastor Israel

Why Not Now?


Psalm 118:25

Save NOW, I beseech thee, O LORD: O LORD, I beseech thee, send NOW prosperity.

Everyone in the earth has a dream or goal or some type of a hope or objective that they are reaching for in life. For us in the 21st century church we call it a vision. Vision is simply your concept or idea of your future. It is your subjective desired end state of your life. It is the, what you want to be in the future or the what is the picture of your future.

Due to the fact that vision is about the future, many of us get caught up in the mistake of leaving it to time and chance for it to happen. We lack the element of being deliberate about making vision come to pass. God expects us to be aggressive in taking the necessary steps to see our dreams come to pass. It’s a divine partnership. He will do His part, but He will not do our part.

The question I want to ask you today is, why not now? If you could have your vision come to pass 10 years from now or today, which would you prefer? I am sure you want it to happen right now. Today I want to challenge you to put pressure on the heavens and yourself to make your dream happen right now. I want to challenge you, to shift your mind from postponing your destiny to the future and start believing for it to happen right now.

3 keys to make it happen right now

  1. Decide. Decide right now that you want to see your vision come to pass right now. Not next year, not 10 years from now but it must start happening right now. Your decision to see it happen right now will actually accelerate its manifestation.
  2. Declare. Every prophetic declaration you make in this season must be about the aspects of your vision you want to see happen right now. The tenses you pray in become the key. Declare in present tenses like “I am rich” as opposed to future tense, “I will be rich.”
  3. Dominate. On this level, aggressive action must become  the order of the day. You are not called to simply  chase your dreams, you are called to dominate them. It takes aggressive action to do that. Refuse to postpone your dreams. Make them happen now!

Break Envy Based Motivation


Ecclesiastes 4:4 Then I observed that most people are motivated to success because they envy their neighbors. But this, too, is meaningless–like chasing the wind.

Social media has created a space in which we all have filtered windows into each others lives. I have to stress the fact that the windows are filtered because, everyone  projects their best  features and conceals their worst. We see each others HIGH-lights while we conceal our LOW-lights.

Many people now have an underlying fear of being left behind by their social media peers, in terms of highlights so many people over compensate and over exaggerate their progress. Envy is now driving people to project progress while they are stagnant or worse regressing. As a child of God, envy must not be your motivation. Faith must be the only fuel that drives you. Here are five ways to break envy based motivation.

  1. Focus on your purpose

You are created by God for a reason. Make that reason your sole focus everyday. There is nothing more liberating than making your everyday, a purpose pursuit day. Anything that is not getting you closer to your purpose, must be ignored.

2. Focus on your gifts

We have all been given gifts by God. We have a daily duty to work on mastering our craft. God expects us to put the work in, to get better in our gifts. Everyday must be used to improve ourselves.

3. Focus on your joy

A key question you must answer for a happier life is “What brings me joy?” What activities bring you to a place of joy everyday? What are your joy activators? For some it’s reading a book, others its jogging, cooking, writing, or conversing with a friend over coffee. Make sure you identify your joy activators and focus on them.

4. Focus on your inner circle 

Everyone has an inner circle of close friends and family who they love and trust. Everyone needs an inner circle to share ideas, hopes and struggles with. Your inner circle must also be given to prayer. When you are down you need them to pray with you and encourage you.

5. Focus on your prayer-life

There is no substitute in the world for prayer. Prayer is a source of power and strength you cannot live without. When you walk in prayer-lessness, you enter a world of weakness. Prayer gives us inner strength to deal with whatever challenges come. Be strong in the Lord and Pray everyday!



God bless you!


Pastor Israel Phiri