5 Mistakes To Avoid 2017



1. Being Prayer-less

In 2017, nothing in the earth is going to move until you move something in the heavens. This is a year where the prayer-less shall run out of steam early and the prayerful shall flourish. The enemy s going to be working night and day to kill any prayer momentum you develop. Guard your personal prayer time jealously.

2. Being low on the word

The biggest threat to the church in the 21st century is believers who do not develop the discipline of studying the word privately. With all the bizarre practices in the name of prophecy and miracles, we have seen occur in the church, we can only conclude that people are not reading the bible for themselves. In 2017 read the word without ceasing! May your time in the word be greater than your time on Facebook.

3. Having unwritten goals

The prophet Habakuk told us to write the vision and make it plain. One master-key for success is, to write down your goals. But do not just write them and out them away, write them and read them everyday. Writing is just the first part meditating on them is the next part. Write your goals and meditate on them on too.

4. Being over-excited in January

I love January, because there is an energy which comes upon us all to get up again and try to achieve greatness. But the problem is our January excitement doesn’t seem to extend t0 the other 11 months. In January gyms are full, but by the end of January they are back to empty. After the excitement of saying Happy New Year, you have to transition to daily discipline.

5. Inconsistent church attendance

Everything you are working on and believing God for is going to need a place of consistent replenishment and renewal. In 2017 you need to have a safe place, where you can go and receive spiritual power to keep going for your dreams and goals. You cannot achieve a great 2017 in a vacuum. Church is the place where you shall find, strength, direction and inspiration when the going gets tough.

I pray that God blesses your 2017 and that you achieve all that you set out to achieve!


Pastor Israel