Crystallising The Vision


We always quote Habakuk 2:2 “Write the vision”… But how many of us take time to find out who said it, what led them to say it, and what was the vision which was eventually written? Who are the readers? Why must they run when they read it?

The book of Habakuk is just 3 chapters but it is a theological rollercoaster. Habakuk dared to walk where few prophets have gone, he chose to have an intense argument with God concerning injustice. He tackles one of the toughest theological subjects, Theodicy, the problem of evil in the face of the goodness and omnipotence of God. The questions is, why would a just and loving God who is all powerful, create a system in which evil is so pervasive? If He is good and all-powerful why can’t he remove injustice in the earth?