10 Prayers You Must Make For Your Pastor




A major part of your calling as a Christian is to pray for your Pastor EVERYDAY. The man who God has set over your life, to shepherd you, to nourish you, to teach you, to encourage you and build you up, more than anything you can give him, needs your prayers. Ministry is work, in fact ministry is a lot of hard work. Many times the congregation makes the mistake of overestimating the strength of the Pastor, while at the same time under estimating the power of demonic attacks on the life of the Pastor. If you are reading this blog I believe God is calling you to pray for your Pastor. Here are 10 things you must cover EVERYDAY. Yes EVERYDAY! This is not a game, this is the Kingdom of God, and we are at war. Satan is out to destroy your Pastor. He might not say it but he needs your prayers. Here are ten things you must pray for.

  1. His Anointing. The anointing on the life of your Pastor is PRECIOUS. You have to pray that God keeps increasing it’s level and flow. Pray that God keeps pouring the oil on your head (Pastor) so that it keeps flowing in the church. Without the anointing he is just an ordinary man. He needs the anointing to function effectively and grow the church. olive_oil
  2. His Marriage. This is a critical area which needs your prayers more than anything. Satan hates marriage in general and worse in the life of your Pastor. Even the greatest minister cannot minister effectively in the middle of an earthquake in his marriage. Satan’s design is to destroy your Pastor’s marriage and cause pain to the church. Pray that God will bless his marriage with many years of love and peace.
  3. His Children. To be a child of a Pastor is an involuntary calling in itself. They didn’t have a choice to be in ministry but are born into it and it’s not an easy role they have. There is a lot of pressure placed on them to be carbon copies of their parents, without going through the processes of life that their parents went through. There are many documented cases of ministry kids who rebelled against the church and against God, and pursued a lifestyle of sin. Pray that God keeps your Pastor’s children and that the pressure of being a Pastors’ child doesn’t destroy them.  Daughters (7-9, 10-12) greeting father in airport
  4. HIs finances. This is a critical area. You have to pray that God blesses your Pastor’s finances because the labourer is worthy of his wages (Matthew10:10). Your pastor is not a spirit, void of human needs like food, shelter and clothing. It is a good thing for God to bless your Pastor financially. Pray that God meets all of his needs and gives him more than enough.
  5. His Leadership Team.Those who serve with your Pastor, need your prayers too. The workload of a church is never evenly spread between the membership and the leadership. The leadership carry a heavy load and need your prayer. Pray that they serve the vision faithfully, that they stay loyal and committed and that God blesses them for all that they do for the house of God.Avengers-Assemble-12-2
  6. His protection. Satan is out to KILL your Pastor. Yes you heard that right, satan wants your Pastor dead. There are what are known as demonic assassinations, where the demonic world plots to take the life of your Pastor. There are many documented cases of Pastors who have been killed in their prime years. You need to pray for protection for your Pastor. If satan can’t kill him, he will try and afflict him with diseases or attack his family through death, disease, freak accidents etc.
  7. His church growth. One of the best things you can pray for God to bless your Pastor with is miraculous church growth. Church growth is a blessing, and your prayers are key to seeing it come to pass. The best church growth, is church growth birthed in prayer. Pray that God sends people to the church, to grow and serve in ministry.
  8. His Peace of Mind. Ministry has a lot of stress and pressure. Sometimes when we say in a service, that the man of God was in the anointing, many times it was because he was focussed. Satan is constantly attacking the mind of your Pastor with many thoughts designed to break him down. Pray for the peace of God which passes all understanding to envelope his mind.
  9. His spiritual ears and eyes. The last thing you need is a Pastor who’e spiritual ears and eyes are not functioning. He has to see in the spirit and hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church. This is a critical prayer, because you do not want to follow a man who is spiritually blind and spiritually deaf. Pray that he never loses his spiritual insight, because that is what is going direct your path.
  10. His heart. Pastors constantly give their hearts to many people, and SOME not all let them down and break their hearts. Sometimes they can fall for the trap of never trusting anyone again, because of a few people who were disloyal. You must pray that God heals his heart from all the pain accumulated in the journey of ministry.

Your Pastor is a precious gift to you, sent by God, make sure you pray for him everyday.



God bless you,




Pastor Israel


10 Areas You Must Raise The Standard



So many of you may already know that our theme for the year is called Raising the Standard. God has laid in my spirit 10 things that each and everyone of us needs to Raise The Standard in.

1. Reading the word – the word of God is a two edged sword necessary for everyday battles. Will a soldier go to war without his weapon? So why do you go a day without arming your spirit? Read the word everyday.

2. Quiet time – a relationship that does not involve spending time soon becomes estranged. Often wondered why your faith is low and you start doubting the word of God? Well this is because you have removed yourself from Gods presence. Any relationship that is not worked on dies. That’s why people backslide – they start to not feel Gods presence in their lives as result of them not spending time. The flesh becomes numb to God word.  prayer-on-my-knees4

3. Attend church regularly and plug in. The bible says that the Church is the bride of Jesus Christ. You cannot be of Christ and not be of His Church. Many people have a casual relationship with their church, not bothered whether it succeeds or not. If Christ is priority over your life so should  be His bride – the Church. This year raise the standard move from being casual with God and have a zeal for His church. I dare you to take it further and serve. The word says it’s better to be a doorkeeper in the house of God than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.

4. Tithing and giving – it’s common sense that anything that is not funded dies. If you stop tithing to the house of God, the church shall not remain relevant and will not thrive. So many churches close because members hoard money for foolish reasons because they are not generous. Be generous especially in relation to Gods house. This gospel must be finance, it takes you and I to do it. Take ownership of it.

5.  Eating healthy and exercising – it is important to make the health decision in the early days of your life. Don’t wait until the doctors diagnose food abuse related diseases for you to start eating healthy.

6. Spending more time with family. True riches are not derived from money but from family. Time we don’t spend with them is irrecoverable.
7.  Work – give your best always and be faithful. Excel and give your best. Stop lingering on being average. Go above and beyond expectations. Work is a gift from God, don’t take it for granted.

8.  Punctuality – if you want to go far in life address this fast. Always get to a meeting 15mins before it starts. People who are not punctual are master procrastinators and do not respect time.

9. Education – keep sharpening your knowledge. Information doesn’t stand still it grows. Those who keep improving themselves but educating themselves remain relevant.

10. Dress code – you dress how you want to be treated. Your dress codes sends messages to people how to treat you.

Happy reading.




Pastor Nana

The Prophetic Opposite 3A (Podcast Ep 5)


Romans 4:17 (As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.

The first part of the conclusion of the Series the Prophetic Opposite. In this Podcast, we look at the impact of the Christ on the ages.

Top 7 Moments When A Man Is Vulnerable To Cheat



I will open by indicating to you real early that every MAN has the capacity to fall into sexual sin. It doesn’t matter if they are called, Doctor, Banker, Janitor, Plumber, Priest, Bishop, Apostle, they all have the capacity to make a big mistake and fall in sexual sin. In the context of this blog we are limiting the definition of sexual sin to adultery, we are going to show the most vulnerable moments for a man in the context of marriage to end up cheating on his wife.


  1. You are most vulnerable to fall into sexual sin when you are  hungry. Husbands and in particular wives make sure there is no sexual famine in your home. All men are blessed with sexual appetite, and when a men goes for long periods without being with his wife, he opens himself up to sexual vulnerability. When you are sexually hungry you are vulnerable.
  2. You are most vulnerable to fall into sexual sin when you are  tired. It is important to rest. When you are tired and in a battle with fatigue, you become very vulnerable. Most bad decisions are mind by a tired mind. When you are tired your resistance levels are low and you are more susceptible to making bad decisions. Tired office worker
  3. You are most vulnerable to fall in sexual sin when you have been rejected. All men have an ego. When the ego of a man has been spurned by rejection they are vulnerable, because they can seek to boost their ego through sexual conquests. When you have experienced rejection of any kind be on your guard.
  4. You are most vulnerable to fall in sexual sin when lonely: When a man is pursing a dream or a goal, there are seasons of loneliness which come with that pursuit. It is possible to be in marriage and feel lonely as a man. When loneliness sets in, you can end up looking for comparison in the hands of another woman. Be on guard when you feel lonely, keep the lines of communication open with your wife, and feel free to share your deepest thoughts with her at all times.
  5. You are most vulnerable to fall in sexual sin when you are praised. This relates to the ego in all men as well. A dangerous moment in your life is when you are in a season where you are being lauded and given plaudits by many people. The praise of man can make you feel invincible and above reproach. This is a very dangerous time in your life. Stand guard when the praises of man are coming your way, you are vulnerable.
  6. You are most vulnerable to fall in sexual sin when angry. There are many documented cases of men who cheat on their wives in a moment of anger. When they are fighting with their spouse, sometimes an individual who seems to be “more understanding” than your “crazy” wife manifests in that season of anger to give you comfort. When you are angry with your wife, stand guard, you are vulnerable.Why-Are-We-Angry
  7. You are most vulnerable to fall in sexual sin when on the road. Time alone away from your home and your wife is a very dangerous time in your life. When no one is watching you, when you are in a place where you are not known, your character goes trial. The real you is revealed when no one is watching. If you have a job that involves a lot of travel and time away from your spouse, stand guard, you are vulnerable.


Parenting ideas: My baby’s daily routine by Pastor Nana

Boky Routine


Many of you have asked me what my baby routine is like.

Here it goes:

7am – Bokang wakes up. Sometimes a bit earlier than this but let’s pin it at 7am. She gets 100mls of milk bottle to drink to start her day.

8am – it’s baby cereal time.  Oats or cerelac. No sugar added cereals.

10am – nap time. Bokang is a bad napper she sleeps for just under an hour.

12pm – lunch is served. Strictly vegetables and protein. Occasionally I add a spoon of rice or mealie meal.  All her food is made with no sugar, no salt. Babies should not have sugar or salt.
She can then quench her thirst with 30-40mls of boiled cooled water before her 3pm snack.

3pm – snack time. She gets a variety of fruit mixed with yoghurt xmas 2014 (95)

4pm – nap time. Every princess deserves some time out. She may also finish a bottle of 120ml of her milk.

5pm – best time of day for my little one. It’s bath time.

6pm – it’s dinner time. A different protein and veg to what she had at lunch time. This time with no carbs at all.
It’s then playtime and cuddle time until 730pm.

730pm – Mummy makes her 150mls of milk especially in this heat to quench the thirst. She has this a part of her wind down routine.  Then it’s shut eye time.

1am – she ll cry for some milk which daddy assist with as he is a later night sleeper.

5am – she ll do the same as 1am. I am trying to make her give up the 1am drink shift but given how hot it currently is I have decided to permit it until autumn starts.

Every Sunday I prepare food for Boks. I am not one for ready made food bought from store as it has loads of preservatives. I make my own puréed food with the killer blender (actually a processor) I bought recently. It has made my life so much easier. Today I made:
Lightly boiled carrots, baby marrows, beetroot, mince meat, chicken breasts, salmon, butternut. All very quick to make. Picked up some things for the week to add to her grocery list:
Oats (sugar free), cottage cheese, mushrooms, sugar peas, avocado, kiwis, spanpek, beans, chickpeas.

What I have found with our daughter is that she thrives on consistency and routine. Often when we mess with the routine I am anxious and she’s irritable – definitely not good. So as she grows will adjust the routine to meet her growing needs.xmas 2014 (93)

My husband and I are strong believers that children do what they are taught. If they are not taught they also do that, and this alternative of find your own way often leads to undesirable habits.

We encourage you to be deliberate with your training of your kids. Our pediatrician said something so powerful to us, your kid is an empty box what you put in there is up to you. So we took this advise literally as it is fully aligned with the word of God.

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭22‬:‭6‬ NKJV)

This parenting thing…make it deliberate.

Enjoy it

With Love,

Pastor Nana