The Prophetic Opposite 3A (Podcast Ep 5)


Romans 4:17 (As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.

The first part of the conclusion of the Series the Prophetic Opposite. In this Podcast, we look at the impact of the Christ on the ages.

Top 7 Moments When A Man Is Vulnerable To Cheat



I will open by indicating to you real early that every MAN has the capacity to fall into sexual sin. It doesn’t matter if they are called, Doctor, Banker, Janitor, Plumber, Priest, Bishop, Apostle, they all have the capacity to make a big mistake and fall in sexual sin. In the context of this blog we are limiting the definition of sexual sin to adultery, we are going to show the most vulnerable moments for a man in the context of marriage to end up cheating on his wife.


  1. You are most vulnerable to fall into sexual sin when you are  hungry. Husbands and in particular wives make sure there is no sexual famine in your home. All men are blessed with sexual appetite, and when a men goes for long periods without being with his wife, he opens himself up to sexual vulnerability. When you are sexually hungry you are vulnerable.
  2. You are most vulnerable to fall into sexual sin when you are  tired. It is important to rest. When you are tired and in a battle with fatigue, you become very vulnerable. Most bad decisions are mind by a tired mind. When you are tired your resistance levels are low and you are more susceptible to making bad decisions. Tired office worker
  3. You are most vulnerable to fall in sexual sin when you have been rejected. All men have an ego. When the ego of a man has been spurned by rejection they are vulnerable, because they can seek to boost their ego through sexual conquests. When you have experienced rejection of any kind be on your guard.
  4. You are most vulnerable to fall in sexual sin when lonely: When a man is pursing a dream or a goal, there are seasons of loneliness which come with that pursuit. It is possible to be in marriage and feel lonely as a man. When loneliness sets in, you can end up looking for comparison in the hands of another woman. Be on guard when you feel lonely, keep the lines of communication open with your wife, and feel free to share your deepest thoughts with her at all times.
  5. You are most vulnerable to fall in sexual sin when you are praised. This relates to the ego in all men as well. A dangerous moment in your life is when you are in a season where you are being lauded and given plaudits by many people. The praise of man can make you feel invincible and above reproach. This is a very dangerous time in your life. Stand guard when the praises of man are coming your way, you are vulnerable.
  6. You are most vulnerable to fall in sexual sin when angry. There are many documented cases of men who cheat on their wives in a moment of anger. When they are fighting with their spouse, sometimes an individual who seems to be “more understanding” than your “crazy” wife manifests in that season of anger to give you comfort. When you are angry with your wife, stand guard, you are vulnerable.Why-Are-We-Angry
  7. You are most vulnerable to fall in sexual sin when on the road. Time alone away from your home and your wife is a very dangerous time in your life. When no one is watching you, when you are in a place where you are not known, your character goes trial. The real you is revealed when no one is watching. If you have a job that involves a lot of travel and time away from your spouse, stand guard, you are vulnerable.


Parenting ideas: My baby’s daily routine by Pastor Nana

Boky Routine


Many of you have asked me what my baby routine is like.

Here it goes:

7am – Bokang wakes up. Sometimes a bit earlier than this but let’s pin it at 7am. She gets 100mls of milk bottle to drink to start her day.

8am – it’s baby cereal time.  Oats or cerelac. No sugar added cereals.

10am – nap time. Bokang is a bad napper she sleeps for just under an hour.

12pm – lunch is served. Strictly vegetables and protein. Occasionally I add a spoon of rice or mealie meal.  All her food is made with no sugar, no salt. Babies should not have sugar or salt.
She can then quench her thirst with 30-40mls of boiled cooled water before her 3pm snack.

3pm – snack time. She gets a variety of fruit mixed with yoghurt xmas 2014 (95)

4pm – nap time. Every princess deserves some time out. She may also finish a bottle of 120ml of her milk.

5pm – best time of day for my little one. It’s bath time.

6pm – it’s dinner time. A different protein and veg to what she had at lunch time. This time with no carbs at all.
It’s then playtime and cuddle time until 730pm.

730pm – Mummy makes her 150mls of milk especially in this heat to quench the thirst. She has this a part of her wind down routine.  Then it’s shut eye time.

1am – she ll cry for some milk which daddy assist with as he is a later night sleeper.

5am – she ll do the same as 1am. I am trying to make her give up the 1am drink shift but given how hot it currently is I have decided to permit it until autumn starts.

Every Sunday I prepare food for Boks. I am not one for ready made food bought from store as it has loads of preservatives. I make my own puréed food with the killer blender (actually a processor) I bought recently. It has made my life so much easier. Today I made:
Lightly boiled carrots, baby marrows, beetroot, mince meat, chicken breasts, salmon, butternut. All very quick to make. Picked up some things for the week to add to her grocery list:
Oats (sugar free), cottage cheese, mushrooms, sugar peas, avocado, kiwis, spanpek, beans, chickpeas.

What I have found with our daughter is that she thrives on consistency and routine. Often when we mess with the routine I am anxious and she’s irritable – definitely not good. So as she grows will adjust the routine to meet her growing needs.xmas 2014 (93)

My husband and I are strong believers that children do what they are taught. If they are not taught they also do that, and this alternative of find your own way often leads to undesirable habits.

We encourage you to be deliberate with your training of your kids. Our pediatrician said something so powerful to us, your kid is an empty box what you put in there is up to you. So we took this advise literally as it is fully aligned with the word of God.

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭22‬:‭6‬ NKJV)

This parenting thing…make it deliberate.

Enjoy it

With Love,

Pastor Nana

5 Lessons from Paris & Baga



5 Lessons from Paris and Baga 


Gen 1:28 Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us. They will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, all the wild animals on the earth, and the small animals that scurry along the ground.” #alllivesmatter

It is with great sadness that I write this blog concerning two tragic incidents that occurred in two separate places and befell two different groups of people with two different responses from the global community of humanity. The same tragedy befell both groups (terrorist attacks) but the response of the world was different. The first group affected by tragedy where the people of France under what is now known as the the Charlie Hebdo Shooting. It began  On 7 January 2015, at the offices of the French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France, where 12 people were killed (death toll is now 17), for drawing cartoon of Muhammad.

The second group are the people of Baga, Nigeria who got slaughtered by Boko Haram (terrorist group) and the death toll is estimated to be more than 2000 people. The shooting began on the 3 January and not a single report surfaced, yet 4 days later when 12 were sho in Paris, immediately the world media was reporting minute by minute as it was unfolding.

The first group of 17 in France received tremendous media coverage and it cumulated in a march of solitary of 3.5 million people in Paris including world leaders walking arm in arm in tribute to the 17 who died. 24974D6000000578-2905307-image-a-13_1420986616984

Meanwhile in Nigeria the media coverage for 2000 lives lost has been limited to non existence, there has been no march nor world leaders who have spoken out against the deaths of 2000 people.

There are some lessons I want to share from this incident. I will preface these nuggets with the scripture above, ALL human beings are created in the image of God and I believe that ALL lives matter, black, white, blue, yellow, green all lives matter. Here are some lessons.

  1. The world system places no value on black lives. It is clear that if 17 Europeans can get 3.5 million people to march and 2000 Africans can be ignored it is clear the world system does not place value on African lives. As the church in Africa more than ever we have to teach our people to value their lives, if the world will not value us,  we must do it ourselves. It makes no sense to moan about the world not caring, it’s a reality they don’t care but we must care for ourselves. 2497F2AF00000578-2905307-image-a-4_1420992750760
  2. African governments need A LOT of prayer. I say this with the utmost respect to our leaders. We cannot sit back and lament that the “West” is saying nothing about the Baga massacre while 53 African countries are silent or mumbling. We need to pray for our leaders to be sensitive to the plight of our people and be very aggressive in expressing compassion for our people and put systems in place to lift up masses of people econically.
  3. #BringBackOurGirls didn’t work. Our generation has a very short attention span, and is driven by what is trendy. The hashtag “Bring Back Our Girls” was very popular but was quickly swept away by the Ice Bucket Challenge. The difference between #BringBackOurGirls and the Ice Bucket challenge is that the Ice Bucket challenge had a structure and a system and actually raised $100 million dollars for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Meanwhile  230 girls are still missing and the tweets trended and nothing else. As Africans we need to be given to structure and systems that effect change and not just trending on twitter. _80204364_ap_martha_postcard
  4. You cannot be the same after this January. The way the world system has responded to these two tragedies is a wake up call for every African. The world does not care about Africa or Africans. Our hope is in God and ourselves. We have to raise up ourselves by ourselves. We pray against bad leadership, mismanagement of resources, corruption and all the ills which are holding us back. Wake up and push yourself to become everything that God has called you to become.
  5. I chose to value all lives no matter what race, gender, religion, or political persuasion. My personal decision in this climate is not to fall into the temptation of bitterness against whites or muslims. A single life lost in any race is a tragedy, we are all created in the image of God. Though the world system places no value on black people, I value myself as a black man and will teach my fellow Africans to value themselves. I refuse to fight hate with more hate, I chose to be an expression of the love of Jesus Christ in the earth.


Portrait of multicultural teenage girls (13-15) in studio


Pastor Israel


The Prophetic Opposite 1 (Podcast Ep 1)

Prophetic Opposite.001


Isaiah 54:1

1  Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou that didst not travail with child: for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the Lord.


How does God expect the baren to sing? Seems unreasonable. Listen and be blessed.

10 Questions To Answer To Succeed in 2015


10 qs

1.Who am I? This is the most important question you have to Ask God and get the answer. Everything in your life, family, ministry or business rests on the quality of the answer to this question. Identity is the master-key to all success in life. Those who know who they are and believe in who they are, change what they are to become who they are.

2. Why am I here? This is the question of purpose. We are not here for no reason, but we are here for the divine purposes and will of God. The best plan in the world today, is the gospel, how God came in human flesh, and died to redeem mankind. The best plan you can come up with is to figure out your part in God’s big plan for the world. You have a part to play, you are a significant piece of the puzzle. When you get the answer to this question, happiness ensues.

3.Where am I? Many Christians have a very unhealthy relationship with reality. This is because many of us exist in negative realities and faith is tailor made to challenge the negatives in our realities. The challenge comes when we start to develop an ostrich head buried in the sand mindset, where we totally ignore our reality. To change your reality you have to face it. “Where am I ?”, means you have to face your reality in the face and deal with it. The first step to breaking a negative reality is accurately defining it.

4.What do I have? This question relates to assessing your gifts, strengths and resources. No matter what desert you find yourself in, God always places something within you or within your reach that has the power to elevate your life. There is something in you or near you, that if you discover and invest your time and effort in, it will elevate you. In 2015 find what you have, and work it with all your might.

5.Who is with me? The kingdom of God is built on gifts and established by relationships. Success is a system of relationships that exchange value. To succeed you have to value relationships and be an individual who adds value to relationships. There are only two types of relationships, those that add value and those which subtract value. Adders always succeed, subtractors always fail. Make sure that those that are with you are adders not subtractors. Success is a system of relationships that EXCHANGE value, taking without adding value is not exchanging. May God bless you with adders and remove all subtractors, and please be an adder not a subtractor.

6. Where am I going? It is Benjamin Franklin who said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. I will modify it to say, failure to plan a destination, is a plan where the destination is failure. You have to define where you are going in 2015. Have clear goals which can be achieved this year. This month must not end without you having clearly written goals with specific deadlines for 2015. Where are you going this year, University, a new job, the gym, authoring a book, recording a musical album, producing a movie. Set your destination and go for it!

7.How will I get there? This is one area Christians struggle with, developing and taking practical steps to achieve a goal. Many of us leave this part to chance and “waiting on the Lord”. This is the point where most dreams and goals die. For every goal you set, you need to place beneath that goal, small tasks you must do in order to achieve the goal. Goals don’t just happen by themselves, we make them happen by our decisions and actions. May God give you wisdom this year, to set goals PLUS tasks to achieve the goals you set.

8. How much will it cost to get there? Every vision must be financed, every goal must be financed, every plan must be financed. How much will each goal you set cost you in terms of money and time. Every goal you set has a price in terms of money or time. Define how much it will cost you and budget your time and money to fulfil these goals.

9.Who should come with me? Not everyone with you today is going to be with you tomorrow. God has a powerful way of removing false relationships from your life, and this by placing you in a valley season. When you experience lows in life, always watch for those who are with you in the lows and not those who leave you. The people you must elevate when you rise are always those who were with you in the valley. Never make the mistake of elevating relationships which like in the good but disappear in the bad.

10. Who should stay behind? There are some relationships which must not cross over with you into 2015. There are some people from 2014 who must remain in 2014. Having them in your 2015 will make 2015 a repeat of 2014. Strictly surround yourself with people who are focused on going higher in life. This year Raise The Standard in all areas of life, and relationships can lift you or pull you down. Rame The Standard of your relationships in 2015.


Pastor Israel

10 Great New Year’s Resolution Ideas



On 01:01:15 at 00:01 Pastor Israel and I talked over our goals and resolutions for the New Year.  This year I kept mine to only two.  I can only share one with you at moment, that is to loose 25kgs this year.  For this body is a temple of God and needs to be taken care of. 1Cor6:19  The other one, i will share with you once it happens 🙂  Something to look forward to I guess.

One question I keep asking myself each year is whats wrong with new years resolutions?  Why are they getting outdated with our generation? I guess people are simply tired of setting new years resolutions that by March are abandoned and forgotten.  Much like what i did last year, Pastor Israel said have 3 goals for the year, i thought really?  I have more, loads more.  So I pencilled in close to 6 goals (swallowing my other 3 🙂 ).  And as it turns out about 3-4 of my goals were abandoned – easily so as they were not key goals – nice to have.

This year I have decided to stick to just a few, 2.  And everything I do this year has to be aligned to achieving these two goals.  So its on.  In fact I reckon that when God said “Write the vision and make it plan on tablets” Hab2:2 He probably included keeping this short and sweet.  “The vision.”

Anyway the purpose of this blog, is to share with you some great resolutions or goals would be and to encourage you to choose one or two and run with them.  Some may be relevant to you and others to your friend or sister/brother, so feel to share:

Here it goes.  Here are some great new years resolutions (relevant to Africans) to adopt:

  1. Live within your means.  Live within your budget or salary.  Don’t spend what you don’t have by taking on credit. The main reason why people overexert themselves financially is because they want to show or impress other people.  If I buy that fancy car, it means I am rich.  Be less focussed on consumption but focus on delayed gratification.
  2. For the single ladies or gents, stop worrying about being single.  We often see many people posting on social media about how single they are etc.  Totally nothing wrong with being single.  In fact, enjoy this season to do the things you love and discover new things.  Meet people, travel places, buy assets, find new hobbies, serve in your local church, tutor children etc.  Theres plenty of things to do with friends and family.  Don’t rob yourself of good time by seeing every single guy or girl as your husband or wife.  One last thing: quit posting single-like statuses on social media sends that type of message you don’t want to send. Have fun!
  3. Quit the short term credit / unsecured credit whether its credit cards or clothing accounts.  This reminds me of when I was at varsity, a few people I know who rushed into getting clothing on credit and managed to mess up their credit name.  This ties in with my earlier point on living within your means.  If you cant afford to get it with your cash – don’t take it on credit.  Buy day to day on cash. Rather use credit to get assets such as a reliable car and/or house.
  4. If currently unemployed, make this year a year of change.  Prepare your CV, get someone you trust and is also competent to review it.  It must be short and to the point.  Be careful to make sure that it does not have typos or spelling mistakes.  Then hit every company you want to work for hard, go and ask to see the manager or hr person in charge of recruiting and speak to them about working for their company.  Do this every day from Monday to Friday, until something comes up.  Let everyone know in your circle that you are looking for a job and that they should keep you in mind when they hear of something.
  5. Save some money.  Set aside a certain amount of money for saving.  Even if its R100 or so, just start with something. Further to this make sure the basics are covered: medical aid or hospital cover (which ever you opt for) and car/home insurance is covered even if its just for third party cover and not comprehensive.  Protect yourself from avoidable (but unforeseen) accident claims.  For entrepreneurs, make sure you have a retirement annuity or retirement plan.  Chat to a financial advisor about saving for your retirement.  There is a powerful principle called compounding that will ensure that even if you become Patrice Motsepe (billionaire) you will still benefit from saving for your retirement. 🙂
  6. Leave that abusive relationship.  Start over. Rebuild and restore your self esteem by focussing on yourself.  Know your worth.
  7. Find a local church that preaches the un-compromised word of God and remain planted.  There are so many benefits of belonging to a good church.  You can get your pastor to walk some tough and also joyous journeys with you.  You are mind body and spirit.  Often we neglect the spirit, without which we are not whole.  Theres also just something about the word of God, its the truth that will set you free to achieve what God wants you to achieve.  Be fruitful multiply, have dominion and subdue the earth.
  8. Go back to school and get a degree.  I set down the other day and tried to thing of all my friends with degrees – in business or working a job and i struggled to find one struggling to meet his or her day to day needs.  I found strong correlation between a degree and financial stability.  It dawned on me, the easiest way to financial stability is sitting down and studying. So if you need to complete matric or redo it – Do IT.  If you need to start a degree or finish a few courses to get that qualification – Do IT.  If you are in business, i would still advise you to enrol part time towards a degree.  Invest in yourself through education.
  9. Stop “vatnset” / cohabiting, it only leads to deep heartbreak.  There are many excuses we use for cohabiting with the most popular one being its economical.  Unfortunately, cohabiting to our race Black people doesn’t mean preparation for marriage.  It often means convenience until something better and more exciting comes up. It results in babies, abuse and prolonged waste of each others time.  If you are in a co-habiting relationship, start correcting. Start by moving out to stay with a same sex friend and ask your partner to do the same.  In that way the economical excuse disappears very quickly.
  10. Marry that girl.  You know the Bible doesn’t lie.  “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.”- Prov18:22 (Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me :))  Marriage is the highest form of covenant between a man and woman.  Its a beautiful thing.  The perfect order of God for a man and woman.  Ladies – if he is deliberating about getting married and you should be smart to leave.  If he isn’t sure about you, he will not commit.  If he is sure about you, he will commit.  Real men marry, boys play games that only lead to heartbreak hotel.

Let this year be about the better you. Raise the standard. 2015

Love always,

Nana Phiri