5 Weapons Of Advanced Spiritual Warfare




The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10)

Spiritual warfare is lived more than its prayed. The thinking around Spiritual warfare, is usually that we only get an opportunity fight against the demonic world is when we are in prayer. I would like to submit this argument to you that, the most powerful way to bind the devil is to live your life to the fullest. Every time you live your life, to the fullest,  Advanced Spiritual Warfare has taken place and the devil is defeated. Prophetess Joyce Meyer has a great mission statement for her ministry “Enjoying Everyday Life”. When you can come to a place where you can enjoy your everyday life, the devil is defeated. The highest form of spiritual warfare is enjoying everyday life. It has nothing to do with money and riches, when you can just enjoy your everyday life, not waiting for this massive pay off or the day you do something great, just enjoying the day God has given you, the devil is defeated. Here are 5 weapons you can use in Advance Spiritual Warfare today!


  1. Being thankful for your life. The simple act of thanking God for your life, no matter what season, or place you are in today, just saying “God, thank you for my life” is a powerful weapon against the enemy. That simple statement sends  a barrage of Anti-ballistic missiles into the enemy’s camp. This statement has even more power when you are in a difficult place and time in your life, when you can say “God, thank you for my life” in that place, satan is throughly bludgeoned by your gratitude. I decree that from today, you shall give God praise for your life, no matter what circumstance you go through!
  2. Travelling the world for exposure. This one is a  powerful Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), because one of satan’s major plans especially for us as Africans, is confinement to one location. he wants us to never get to see this beautiful planet that God has created. Usually when we travel it’s for migration purposes and not to simply be a tourist. Every time, you get on an aeroplane, and get to see a foreign country, satan is defeated. he hates it when we travel. If you want to launch Intercontinental Ballistic Missile that will give the devil a nervous breakdown, simply travel the world. I decree, From today, doors for International travel are opening for you!call-of-duty-wallpaper-ghost
  3. Paying your bills on time. This is one area where satan attacks us. There are some bills which when they come, they are Submarine Launched Scud Missles. You don’t see them coming, they hit you from out of the blue. When you pay any bill, weather it’s your mortgage, electricity, water, phone, fuel, groceries etc, every time you do that, satan is defeated. he wants to see us in arrears and in debt. But when you pay your bills, any bill, you defeat the devil. I pray that this year, God will increase you to meet any bill that comes. I pray against surprise emergency bills which show up after you have met your other obligations. If they come, I pray that God gives you the capacity to pay any bill which shows up this year and have more than enough left over!
  4. Being a blessing to your parents. Advocate Paul said it “Honor your father and mother”–(which is the first commandment with a promise) (Ephesians 6:2). This one is very powerful, because not only do you obey a law but you apply a principle which releases a promise and the promise is in Deuteronomy 5:16 which states :- that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the LORD your God is giving you. You get two blessings long life and prosperity. Always bless your parents, give them money, buy them gifts, send them words of encouragement. When you bless your parents the devil is severely BLUDGEONED by any act of honor you show them. This principle is a Laser Guided Missle, that never misses it’s mark.  Your parents don’t have to be perfect for you to bless them, you just have to observe the principle and bless them. I pray that God will give you the capacity to buy your parents a car and a house before they die, in Jesus’ Name!  call-of-duty-modern-warfare-2-game-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-4816
  5. Buying a house. This one is an area where satan is going to fiercely resist you. satan does not want to see the children of God owning any real estate. This area is protected by Tactical Ballistic Missiles, to stop you from becoming a property owner. The day you have your name on some title deeds, satan is defeated. satan wants us to be renters and perpetual mortgage payers. I decree that you will own MANY houses and lands before you die! I am talking about fully paid with no debt attached to them. This is a major weapon of Advanced Spiritual Warfare and I pray that in 2015 God opens doors of property ownership for you and that you will have the faith to walk through such doors! God bless you!


There are 11 more weapons, but for the sake of keeping the blog brief for the purposes of not overburdening you with too much instruction, before you implement the above, we have chosen to withhold them for a future blog. Go out and implement these 5 weapons and change the trajectory of your life!

God bless you




Lieutenant  Israel Phiri




9 Ways To Overcome Postnatal Depression




Post partum what?

On the 15 May 2014 at 4pm God blessed us with the most amazing gift, our precious Bokang.
This is by far the best gift I could ever ask for by far.
Today I want to address post partum depression or anxiety and define it as it affected me and how I got through it.
Post partum depression or anxiety is defined as Postpartum depression (PPD), also called postnatal depression, is a type of  depression which can affect women after childbirth. Symptoms may include sadness, low energy, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, reduced desire for sex, crying episodes, anxiety, and irritability. While many women experience self-limited, mild symptoms postpartum, postpartum depression should be suspected when symptoms are severe and have lasted over two weeks.
It is still unexplainable to me how after one gets such an amazing gift they can go through some form of post natal depression or anxiety. (The devil is a liar). Well For me it manifested as heightened anxiety. I am sure my husband probably thought he was with a crazy woman. I worried about everything rational and irrational. I couldn’t sleep – which I guess it’s pretty normal for new mommy. And also that my hormones are still adjusting but my mind was racing. If I hear of a sad story it would really make me more anxious than what a normal person goes through. My mind was so fixated on all things negative.
It’s now almost 9 months and I can say I got through it. So proud of me-self, just wanted to give out some ideas of how I dealt with the high level of anxiety and worry that consumed me for almost 4-6 months.
1. Spoke to someone close to me.  I spoke to my husband. I told him how I was feeling. I think this for me was one of those very key ones that helped me out. So I would advise new mothers to find someone they can talk to about their feelings. Some people it’s their mum, husband, friends or cousin. These people are great support and will help you see your situation clearer and not clouded by your world view.
2. Listening to the word and worship music. Often when I d feel overwhelmed I just bring it all down to the Father.  I was overwhelmed in first place because I didn’t have time to have quiet time with God as things were just hectic. So when you move from face of God, doubt comes and anxiety creeps in.
Woman wearing headphones listening to music
3.  Walking. My stitches took a while to heal but my doctor advised me that I could take walks but not strain myself too much. I took Bokie with me in her pram and just walk in the neighborhood. We both loved it.  A nice way to de-clutter for me. A nice way for Bokie to get the sun.
4. Take time out. It was hard for me to take time out because I believed I could do it all and paranoid that other people wouldn’t put in as much diligence. And sometimes I don’t know how to receive help. So even though my mum, my husband and my helper we here I struggled to take time out. I started feeling much better and less stressed when I took time out. Disappeared to massage for 1 hour or even an extra long bath. Just listening to me.
5. You need as much help as you can get. I had three level of support: my helper to make sure the house is clean and shopping nearby Spar. My mum, she helped to keep me company. We would watch tv together and she would tell me all her funny stories. My husband, was the midnight hour hero. I struggled with 12am shift. I was too tired to function. He stepped in until 3-4am. Receive help and accept that it doesn’t mean weakness.
6. Adult conversation. Sometimes you can be so caught up in all things baby and forget about your needs for adult conversations. Then the fear of missing out (FOMO). Leave the baby go out even if it’s just for 2 hours a week for a good laugh and conversation.
Friends Having Coffee
7. Let Go and let God. It took me time to let go but when I did I started to enjoy my baby more.
8. Get professional help. If the feelings become too overwhelming also seek professional help as sometimes it’s just hormonal. I had a few visit to my doctor, given where I was she acted more as a counselor on how I can naturally overcome the heightened anxiety.
9. Join a club of mummies and tots. I never did this but I have friends who did this and loved it. They did some exercises and activities with other mums and their babies. Maybe I’ll try it on my next baba
Friends on a Beach
This one is for the new mummy’s or the mums to be or their spouse/husbands that value their well being…Probably my most edgy blog yet.
Remember do not suffer alone, reach out to someone about how you are feeling. Take it easy and enjoy every moment.
I am more than a conqueror and so are you.
Till next Monday
Pastor nana

2 Friends To Keep, 2 Friends To Lose




A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. (Proverbs 18:24)

If there is one reality, that is common cause amongst all preachers, is the impact that friends have on shaping an individual mindset and congruently shaping their future. The adage goes like this, “show me your friends and I will show you your future”. The term friend must not be used loosely because, once friendship is extended to anyone, you position yourself to receive an impartation from that individual. Many times we are careless with the people we befriend and allow negative people to impart negativity to our lives.

This blog is not going to only deal with negative friends but it is also going to deal with positive friends. The majority of the preaching narrative concentrates on bludgeoning negative friends that we must leave, but little is said about the friends we must find or the friends we must indeed keep. You would end up thinking that God hates friendship, because the  “leave those friends” word never comes again to tell us which friends we must keep.

  1. Subtractors. These are friends who take from you and never give back. The key part of any relationship is reciprocity, which is the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit. It has to be an exchange for mutual benefit, one party cannot be benefiting at the expense of the other. Subtractors are in relationship with you to just take but never give. Two women under hair dryer smiling
  2. Dividers. These friends are deadly because they release division in your life. They always want to separate you from other relationships, in particular your family and your church. Dividers create conflict with other relationships and make you estranged from other healthy relationships. Their main mandate is to keep you exclusively to themselves. They cannot share you with others, so they release division in your life. Healthy friends can let go and leave you to interact with other relationships.
  3. Adders. These are friends who constantly add value to your life. They are extremely generous and will not hesitate to give to you in your time of need. As a matter of fact, they will never show up to your house empty handed, will not allow your birthday to pass without a gift, nor will they allow you to struggle while they are present. Adders are a major blessing, your number one job is to make sure that the adders in your life, don’t make you become a subtractor. Be an adder too. Any friendship based on adding value to each other is precious and must be honored and guarded. Friends taking selfie in restaurant
  4. Multipliers. These are powerful friends because they don’t add value per sae but they increase the force and power of what is within you. They are called to increase the intensity of your gift and anointing. Multipliers are supremely gifted in the art of encouragement. They know what to say to motivate you to become better and greater. The best friends have the capacity of making you feel larger than life, after just a conversation. When you talk to a multiplayer, you leave the conversation feeling big and not small. Their words and their mindset is always forward looking, and big picture speaking. You can never leave the presence of a multiplier and feel like giving up.

May God bless you with the right friends and deliver you from the wrong friends. Not all friends are evil and not all are good, may you discern and make wise decisions.

God bless you,





Pastor Israel



4 Ways To Maximize Your Life Today




John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

  1. Enjoy the present. One of the biggest challenges we have in the church world today is that everyone is pursing something that they will only enjoy in the future when it happens. It could be the purchase of a home, a dream business / career or building a mega church and the problem with pursing something that is yet to come is you can miss enjoying the present before the future comes. On the road to your destination make sure you take time to immerse yourself in the present and truly enjoy the good moments where you are today. I have personally changed my approach to how I eat in the present, I shut out everything and take my time to enjoy the flavours of the food before me. You can be so focused on the future you don’t have that you fail to give thanks for the present you do have.
  2. Exposure. One of the best things you can ever do for yourself in this life  is to travel and see different countries and cultures all around the world. As a preacher, I have noticed how most of my counterparts only travel when there is a church conference involved. It is important that as a christian, you see the value of traveling for exposure. A church conference need not be the cause of your travel, travel to see the world and bond with your family. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, He has created this huge creation for us His children to explore and enjoy. In 2015 and beyond, make travel an intrinsic value for you and your family. Young woman on flea market with blow up airplane
  3. Experiences. You do yourself a disservice by limiting yourself to a restricted group of activities you do in your life time. It’s important to try doing things you have never done before. I remember the first time I went scuba diving. At firsts I was scared out of my socks, but as I spent more time under the sea, I grew with confidence and now it is an experience I love and enjoy. This year cannot end with you not trying out some new experiences. I highly recommend scuba diving. Personally I am not a fan of heights but I want to ONE DAY, not this year, but one day try out sky diving. New experiences make you maximise your life. Scuba Divers Wading Back to Shore
  4. Exiting. How you exit a thing affects how you enter the next thing. To maximise your life, you must master the art of exiting a day. When one day closes, it is important that you totally shut down the past day and enter the new day with a clean slate. Do not carry the baggage of the past 24 hours into the new 24 hours that are before you. Exit the past day and leave it behind completely and step into a new day with no baggage from the past day. There is no sense in starting a new day, with regret from the past day, you must master starting afresh and working on a new day, as if the past one never happened. There are so many people who lose productive energy, with regret from a past day. Take every new 24 hours as a fresh page to rewrite the story of your life. Maximise your life by mastering the art of exiting an old day and starting a new day afresh.





Pastor Israel

10 Prayers You Must Make For Your Pastor




A major part of your calling as a Christian is to pray for your Pastor EVERYDAY. The man who God has set over your life, to shepherd you, to nourish you, to teach you, to encourage you and build you up, more than anything you can give him, needs your prayers. Ministry is work, in fact ministry is a lot of hard work. Many times the congregation makes the mistake of overestimating the strength of the Pastor, while at the same time under estimating the power of demonic attacks on the life of the Pastor. If you are reading this blog I believe God is calling you to pray for your Pastor. Here are 10 things you must cover EVERYDAY. Yes EVERYDAY! This is not a game, this is the Kingdom of God, and we are at war. Satan is out to destroy your Pastor. He might not say it but he needs your prayers. Here are ten things you must pray for.

  1. His Anointing. The anointing on the life of your Pastor is PRECIOUS. You have to pray that God keeps increasing it’s level and flow. Pray that God keeps pouring the oil on your head (Pastor) so that it keeps flowing in the church. Without the anointing he is just an ordinary man. He needs the anointing to function effectively and grow the church. olive_oil
  2. His Marriage. This is a critical area which needs your prayers more than anything. Satan hates marriage in general and worse in the life of your Pastor. Even the greatest minister cannot minister effectively in the middle of an earthquake in his marriage. Satan’s design is to destroy your Pastor’s marriage and cause pain to the church. Pray that God will bless his marriage with many years of love and peace.
  3. His Children. To be a child of a Pastor is an involuntary calling in itself. They didn’t have a choice to be in ministry but are born into it and it’s not an easy role they have. There is a lot of pressure placed on them to be carbon copies of their parents, without going through the processes of life that their parents went through. There are many documented cases of ministry kids who rebelled against the church and against God, and pursued a lifestyle of sin. Pray that God keeps your Pastor’s children and that the pressure of being a Pastors’ child doesn’t destroy them.  Daughters (7-9, 10-12) greeting father in airport
  4. HIs finances. This is a critical area. You have to pray that God blesses your Pastor’s finances because the labourer is worthy of his wages (Matthew10:10). Your pastor is not a spirit, void of human needs like food, shelter and clothing. It is a good thing for God to bless your Pastor financially. Pray that God meets all of his needs and gives him more than enough.
  5. His Leadership Team.Those who serve with your Pastor, need your prayers too. The workload of a church is never evenly spread between the membership and the leadership. The leadership carry a heavy load and need your prayer. Pray that they serve the vision faithfully, that they stay loyal and committed and that God blesses them for all that they do for the house of God.Avengers-Assemble-12-2
  6. His protection. Satan is out to KILL your Pastor. Yes you heard that right, satan wants your Pastor dead. There are what are known as demonic assassinations, where the demonic world plots to take the life of your Pastor. There are many documented cases of Pastors who have been killed in their prime years. You need to pray for protection for your Pastor. If satan can’t kill him, he will try and afflict him with diseases or attack his family through death, disease, freak accidents etc.
  7. His church growth. One of the best things you can pray for God to bless your Pastor with is miraculous church growth. Church growth is a blessing, and your prayers are key to seeing it come to pass. The best church growth, is church growth birthed in prayer. Pray that God sends people to the church, to grow and serve in ministry.
  8. His Peace of Mind. Ministry has a lot of stress and pressure. Sometimes when we say in a service, that the man of God was in the anointing, many times it was because he was focussed. Satan is constantly attacking the mind of your Pastor with many thoughts designed to break him down. Pray for the peace of God which passes all understanding to envelope his mind.
  9. His spiritual ears and eyes. The last thing you need is a Pastor who’e spiritual ears and eyes are not functioning. He has to see in the spirit and hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church. This is a critical prayer, because you do not want to follow a man who is spiritually blind and spiritually deaf. Pray that he never loses his spiritual insight, because that is what is going direct your path.
  10. His heart. Pastors constantly give their hearts to many people, and SOME not all let them down and break their hearts. Sometimes they can fall for the trap of never trusting anyone again, because of a few people who were disloyal. You must pray that God heals his heart from all the pain accumulated in the journey of ministry.

Your Pastor is a precious gift to you, sent by God, make sure you pray for him everyday.



God bless you,




Pastor Israel