7 Pitfalls of Platform Ministry



Serving on the ministry platform /stage /altar is big responsibility. When you are called to do anything on the platform, be it announcements, be it prayer, be it singing playing an instrument or preach, you have been entrusted with a huge responsibility. Here are 7 things you should know about the platform in your church and how you must behave on it.


1. The platform is not a place to be sexy. Be sexy at home not on the platform of the church. Dress with  discretion. You are a vessel of the Holy Spirit, make the focus be on Jesus and not the vessel.


2.The platform is not a place to make mistakes. When you are called to do any function on the platform, make sure you have prepared and practiced thoroughly. Eliminate all your mistakes in your preparations and serve with excellence.


3.The platform is not a place for disorder. God is not a God of disorder, make sure that when you are on the platform you serve in order. Be open to spontaneous manifestations of the Holy Spirit, but discern when to exit the platform for the next part of the order of service.


4.The platform is not a for sadness. When you come to serve on the platform understand that if you are sad, don’t bring it to the platform and transfer your personal sadness to the whole house. The house of God is a house of joy, save put your sadness aside and serve with joy.


5.The platform is not a apace to be distracted. When you are ministering on the platform you have to be extremely focussed to be effective. Do not allow your mind to wander. Focus on God and the task at hand only.


6.The platform is not a a place for self. Once you get up to serve on the platform you have to die to self. You are not up there for you, you are up there for the people who have come to church. Put all your personal issues aside and serve the people of God.

Couple Toasting at Wedding

7.The platform is not a place to find your spouse in the crowd. When you are on the platform, do not allow your eyes to scan the crowd to in search of a potential date or spouse. You are not up there to look for a romantic partner in the crowd, you are there to minister period.



God bless you,



Pastor Israel

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